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BOOK:"This Is Jim Rockford..." The Rockford Files

"This Is Jim Rockford...": The Rockford Files
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BOOK:Sweeney-Film & TV Companion
Sweeney-Film & TV Companion
Sweeney-Film & TV Companion

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BOOK:Strange TV: Innovative Television Series from the Twilight Zone to the X-Files
Strange TV: Innovative Television Series from the Twilight Zone to the X-Files
by M. Keith Booker

In the years since World War II, commercial television has become the most powerful force in American culture. It is also the quintessential example of postmodernist culture. This book studies how The Twilight Zone, The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, and The X-Files display many of the central characteristics that critics and theorists have associated with postmodernism, including fragmentation of narratives and characters, multiplicity in style and genre, and the collapse of traditional categorical boundaries of all kinds. While these inventive series also challenge many of the conventions of television programming itself, they do not, however, pose a subversive threat to the capitalist order. The book argues that instead, the very characteristics that identify these series as postmodern are also central characteristics of capitalism, especially in the late consumerist phase.

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BOOK:Bad TV: The Very Best of the Very Worst
Bad TV: The Very Best of the Very Worst
by Craig Nelson

If you're wondering why this book hasn't appeared long before now, consider the difficulty of establishing a cutoff date for the study of incredibly bad TV. Had Nelson undertaken this work before the most recent late-night talk-show wars (1993), he'd have necessarily missed out on evaluating Conan (no comic timing, self-assurance, poise, etc.) O'Brien's show, which Nelson rates as even worse than 1978's Mel (Tillis) & Susan (Anton) Together and the peer of 1980's legendary Pink Lady & Jeff. All the other usual suspects appear here, too, including The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (not the "classic" BB sitcom) and My Mother the Car (natch) as well as some delightful obscurities (1959's Peck's Bad Girl) and recent treacle fests (Saved by the Bell). Nelson covers all in pithy, one- or two-paragraph summaries that are dead-on devastating. Noteworthy because it treats genres, programming strategies, and movies on TV as well as particular shows, Nelson's effort is a necessary addition to popular pop culture studies and a darn fine bathroom book. Mike Tribby
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BOOK:Television Detective Shows of the 1970s: Credits, Storylines, and Episode Guides for 109 Series 
Television Detective Shows of the 1970s: Credits, Storylines, and Episode Guides for 109 Series
by David Martindale

Excellent resource, with photos, index, 563 pages.
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BOOK:Recruited: An Alias Prequel
Recruited: An Alias Prequel
by Lynn Mason

Terror-filled eyes. Lungs choked with water. A pounding heartbeat.
For Sydney Bristow, it’s a typical day in her not-so-typical after-school job–she’s an agent for SD-6, a top-secret division of the CIA. Or so she thinks.
This prequel is the first in a new series based on the smash ABC show Alias–it’s Sydney’s life before she discovers she’s working for the bad guys, juxtaposing normal college life against her fabulous exploits as a working spy.
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BOOK:Secret Identities: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Alias
Secret Identities: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Alias
by Mark Clapham, Lance Parkin

"Alias", the hit espionage television series, mixes high-tech spy action, glamorous disguises, shocking plot twists and an ongoing family saga into one of the most clever and entertaining television shows in years. Secret agent Sydney Bristow thinks that the agency she works for SD-6, is a branch of the CIA and that their aim is the safety of the country. When Sydney discovers that SD-6 is really a criminal organization working as part of a global conspiracy, however, she becomes a double agent for the real CIA. So begins a dangerous life of secrets and deceptions into which Syndey is not only faced with the truth about SD-6, but with other long-term secrets regarding her family. This unoffical guide to "Alias" uncovers each episode of the first two seasons in turn, exploring and evaluating them in informative and easy-to-read categories, analysing and explaining each aspect of the series' complex plotlines as well as decoding hidden clues within each episode. the motivations and actions of each character are discussed, along with the real-world context for Alias's espionage setting.
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BOOK:The Encyclopedia Of Tv Pets A Complete History Of Television's Greatest Animal Stars
The Encyclopedia Of Tv Pets A Complete History Of Television's Greatest Animal Stars
by Ken Beck, Jim Clark

The Encyclopedia of TV Pets is an entertaining and comprehensive journey into the lives of the world's most famous television animal stars. All creatures great and small, from kangaroos, sea lions, simians, and horses to elephants, dogs, lions, cats, and bears are here and pictured in nearly 200 photographs.
More than 100 TV series are represented along with the biographies and true-life stories of such memorable animals as Lassie, Mr. Ed, Gentle Ben, Wishbone, Flipper, Trigger, Arnold the Pig, Murray, Morris, Silver, J. Fred Muggs, Spuds McKenzie, Nunzio, Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion and Judy the Chimp, Benji, Morty the Moose, Marcel the Monkey, Salem from Sabrina, Fred the Cockatoo, Flicka, Fury, Lancelot Link, Tramp, Comet, Skippy the Kangaroo, Rin Tin Tin, Cheetah, London, C.J. the Orangutan, Eddie from Frasier, and even the Taco Bell® Chihuahua!
The Encyclopedia of TV Pets is an amazing menagerie of facts and tales, many never before told to television fans. Owners, trainers, and the human actors who worked with the animals have told stories in exclusive interviews. What were the animals' real names? What were their favorite treats? Who trained them to do the incredible feats you see on TV? It's all here and more in The Encyclopedia of TV Pets, a book that animal lovers will keep handy alongside their remote control.
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BOOK:TV Detectives
TV Detectives
by Richard Meyers

Outdated now, but still the best single book about American TV detectives I've ever seen, covering the entire genre from the beginning, right up to the early eighties.
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